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3x5 Flags - Flags for Events and Decoration

Printed Flags for Indoor & Outdoor Use


Do you want to make your business or front yard more noticeable and vibrant? Our flags are just what you need! The 3x5 flags are great for trade shows, grand opening, open house, and so much more! Choose a single or double sided flag for maximum visibility from all angles!

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Our 3x5 flags are made from a blend of polyester and nylon. They are printed using a special process where the ink goes into the fabric instead of staying on the surface. This is called dye-sublimation. This creates a vibrant, eye-popping print.

Custom fabric flags are used for smaller displays. They’re used  in businesses, churches or public spaces but can also be used in residential areas. They work well when they are displayed on flagpoles, fences, windows or mounted on exterior walls.

You can also use our feather, rectangle and teardrop flagsfor large business displays to gain food traffic. Browse all our different flag designs and design a flag for your business or special event. 

The most common size for custom fabric flags is 3’x5’, but we do offer multiple sizes! Choose from a 1’x1’ all the way up to 4.5’ x 8’

Three Easy Ways to Order 3x5 Flags

Online Designer Create your own design using our online design tool. Customize your 3x5 flag with background, clipart images, text or upload your own graphics.
Upload a File Upload your own artwork (.eps, .pdf, .jpg). For more information, check out the Product Info tab above.
Professional Designer Our team of professional graphic designers are able to create a custom design for you. Upload any artwork you want on your fabric flag and provide instructions for us.

Frequently Asked Questions Return to Top

Do you offer any sizes other than 3’ x 5’?

We currently offer custom made flags in sizes ranging from 1’ high x 1’  to 4.5’ high by 8’ wide. Please keep in mind prices will vary on each different size selected.  We also offer custom vinyl banners and fabric banners in multiple sizes.

What material are your flags printed on?

We print our custom banners and flags using a dye sublimation process. Our flag material consists of a polyester nylon blend. All of our flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Making them a versatile sign option when it comes to advertising your business or event.

Can my flag be displayed outdoors?

Yes! Our custom 3x5 flags are made of a strong polyester nylon blend material, perfect for outdoor display.

What is the lifespan of your flags?

With proper care and installation, our custom made 3x5 flags have an outdoor life span of 3 to 6 months. We do however recommend that you take your flag down and store indoors during inclement weather to help increase its lifespan. 

How do I hang a flag?

Each flag comes finished with two grommets (top and bottom of left side) for easy hanging. We also offer hanging clips. I

How are your flags printed?

All of our custom 3x5 flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process. This means that the ink dyes the fabric material instead of being applied to the surface. The flag material can be in its natural state instead of being heavy or stiffened with ink on its surface. 

It also makes your custom 3x5 flag more durable and easier to clean if they were to get dirty. Direct dye sublimation is the industry standard when it comes to flag printing.

Are these standard flags double sided or just single sided?

They are available in either a single-reverse print or a double-sided print option. 

If you select single/reverse print, then your design will print on one side of the flag. It will be a mirror image on the other side. This is due to us printing our flags using dye sublimation. 

This printing process actually dyes the flag material causing a thru-print on the opposite side of the flag. This reverse image will appear faded and any text will read backwards. 

If you select a double-sided print, your image/design will be printed on two separate pieces of flag. They're sewn together with a blackout liner in between to block any light from shining through. 

This option will show your flag design printed correctly on either side. Double sided flags are recommended for any text heavy design. The print will read correctly (left to right) on either side of the custom flag.

Do your 3x5 flags come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a prorated monthly basis for our standard flags.

For example, a prorated warranty standard 3x5 flag that fails 2 months after proper installment will be replaced. We will cover 33% of the replacement cost for a new 3x5 flag.

Can I wash my flag?

Yes! Since our 3x5 flags our heat cured the ink is set into the fabric, making it machine washable. We recommend washing it on a light cycle with cold water. You can use detergent if you want, but do not use any detergent that includes bleach. Bleach will ruin the flag.

For drying we recommend air drying the flag.


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