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Custom Printed Self Adhesive Wallpaper

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More About Wallpaper

This snappy product is hardly Great-Grandma's wallpaper. Ditch the messy paste—and the stench—peel and stick wallpaper is very easy to apply. Use a hair dryer to shrink the material and a squeegee to level out any wrinkles without leaving any scratches. Begin an order today by choosing a template or by uploading personal artwork.

Create wall murals without commissioning a snooty artist or the spray-painter kid down the block—leave those train cars alone, Kevin.  Choose a color palette or go monochromatic with black and white. Interior design doesn’t have to be just for the pros, so take humble pride in home decorating again and start with sticker-esque wallpaper.

Wallpaper Frequently Asked Questions


What surfaces can custom wallpaper placed on?

Wall decals adhere best when placed on non-porous smooth surfaces like painted walls, metal, glass, plastic and tile. These decals will not stick well to brick, concrete, or other rough or porous surfaces.

Please note: wall decal or wall sticker materials may not stick to every type of paint. This is due to the paint chemical compositions, wall texture, paint finishes and proper cure time.

To ensure your wall decals will stick to your specific wall paint or surface, be sure to order a free sample packet to try out.

What material is self-adhesive wallpaper made of?

This custom wallpaper material is made from a medium-tack textured vinyl. It adheres really well, but can also easily be repositioned.

What adhesive paste is needed for installation?

Paste need not apply in this case, so leave the glue to the toddlers at the craft table. Self-adhesive means that the stickiness is included; think of it like a gargantuan wall sticker.

Is this wallpaper removable?

Yes, and as an added bonus, it will remove without leaving behind any residue.

What are the printing limitations?

The largest print size is 12’ H x 80’ W. The widest printable size on one single sheet of wallpaper is 50" otherwise the wallpaper will be printed in sheets. Choose for quality results on custom-printed banners, custom-printed flags and more.

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