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Government Signs

Governmental signage is important for both civil order, and infrastructural needs. If your city has expanded, and needs additional signs, then we can help! What about your upcoming community events? We have you covered there, too.

Easily design and order handicap signs, parking signs and directional signs right online. Browse our wide selection of products below!


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Polymetal Government Sign

Polymetal Signs

Just like the keys to your city, these metal signs are lightweight, yet durable. Order these 3mm thick signs single or double-sided. They are waterproof and weather-resistant, perfect for handicap parking signs!

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Styrene Signs

For indoor and outdoor governmental signs, like inside the DMV or outside the courthouse, we recommend this thin, lightweight product. They are printed on a unique expanded plastic that generates great looking products. Use them as access signs for people with disabilities.

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Bridgetown Park Styrene Sign
City Celebration Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners

There are many events you can utilize custom vinyl banners for! They can be custom printed for Fire Department chili cook offs, bike rides for police departments and other community focused activities. Chamber of Commerce indoor meetings can also benefit from a full color, beautiful vinyl banner.

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Pole Banners

These full color custom banners are a staple for city sponsored parades and seasonal decorating. Hang them on light poles and street lamps! Have them printed single or double-sided! We offer two optional hardware options: Standard hardware and Wind-reflecting hardware.

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Government Pole Banner
City of Longview Fabric Banner

Fabric Banners

These regal banners are great for either indoor or outdoor use! Use them to promote city and community activities. We print these using a technique known in the industry as dye-sublimation. This process involves injecting the inks right into the fabric and it creates long-lasting colors for your designs.

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Sintra Signs

This is a great choice for indoor needs. Use them for directional signage inside government buildings such as police stations or the DMV. Print them in sizes from 8” x 12” to 32” x 48” and choose from three viewing distances when ordering.

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Mountain City Sintra Sign
Government Election A-Frame Sign

A-Frame Signs

Also known as sidewalk signs, you can use these for city events, parking lot indicators and fundraiser promotion. You can easily swap out messaging on these maintenance free, transportable signage solutions!

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Magnetic Signs

Create emergency services magnets to hand out at community events, parades and more. Print the Fire Department, Police non-emergency Dispatch, Sheriff's Office, Animal Control and other governmental agencies contact info.

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Government Canvas Banner

Canvas Banners

Premium canvas banner material has the authentic look and feel of real canvas. Use them as backdrops for Mayor’s banquets, award presentations, and memorial ceremonies.

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Yard Signs

Lightweight, corrugated plastic signs are waterproof and maintenance free. We digitally print them in full CMYK color on high quality materials. Use them for political election advertisements, or for interior and exterior directional signage at polling places.

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City Hall Yard Sign

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Yard Letter Signs: A Design Guide​

Command attention at your next government event with our Yard Letter Signs. Their bold, large letters and striking color contrasts ensure your message is seen and remembered. Perfect for political campaigns, public service announcements, and community events.

Types of Banner Materials

Choose from our range of robust banner materials, including weather-resistant vinyl and elegant fabric, to ensure your government signs withstand the elements and time. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor government facilities, our signs deliver your message with endurance.

What are Reinforced Hems?

Ensure your outdoor government signs stand up to windy conditions with our reinforced hems. These signs offer extra strength and longevity, making them a wise investment for any government entity that values durability and performance.

Top 10 Pole Banner Design Tips and Tricks​

Elevate your government messaging with our custom-designed pole banners. With expert design tips that guarantee to captivate passersby, these banners are an excellent choice for reaching the community on busy streets and public spaces.

How to Make a Custom Decal?

Create high-quality, custom decals for any government application with ease. Whether it's for official vehicle identification, facility labeling, or public notices, our decals are made to last and leave a lasting impression. Design your own with our user-friendly online tools or collaborate with a professional graphic designer for a tailored solution. Visit, our trusted partner, to start crafting your custom government decals today.


Highlights & Benefits of Government Signs Back to Top

High Visibility

Boost your appearance in community events! Use our signage product offerings as a culmination to market upcoming city and town activities.

Indoor and Outdoor Functions

You can place our signs in your parking lot, or inside the DMV. For directional signs, use the Sintra and Styrene products  to guide people through the police station or courthouse.


We get it, government agencies operate on tight budgets. We can help with cost-saving solutions. We have a product for every bank account.


These products are weather-resistant, virtually impervious to the wear and tear brought on by UV, rain and scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions Return to Top

What are the best options for outdoor use?

So, let’s put it this way: the only product that we do not recommend using outdoors is Sintra.

Where should I put my signs for best results?

That depends on what you are going to use the signs for. If it is directional, like in a parking lot situation, then obviously you’d use them in parking spots. If they’re handicap access signs, then you’d put them near access points to a building.

What colors are these signs printed in?

We print all our products in full CMYK color. Full CMYK printed signage provides the ultimate viewing experience with vibrantly printed colors.

Can I add photographs and images to my signs?

Yes, you can totally have photos & images printed on any of your governmental use signs.

Can I order double-sided banners?

Yes we offer a double-sided option in our 13-oz. standard vinyl material as well as 18-oz. extra heavy duty vinyl.

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