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Custom Election Signs

We’ve all been privy to political signage or an election campaign at one point. Some of the messaging is clever, some funny and some not so nice. We offer a wide range of products to help with your campaign — whichever tone you decide to use.

Candidate signs can showcase photos and slogans in vibrant, full CMYK color. Order your political election signage today!


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Election Yard Sign

Yard Signs

Political yard signs are a staple on the journey to getting you elected! These corrugated plastic signs are versatile, printed in full color, and available single or double-sided — for maximum exposure. They're also cost-effective, lightweight and mobile.

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Oversized Banners

Boldly share your platform and messaging in grand format. Banners can be printed seamlessly up to 16 X 50 feet! Full color digital printing will show off your smiling face, contact information and more. Don’t forget to order ball bungees for easy hanging.

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Remember to Vote Oversized Banner
Election Fence Banners

Fence Banners

Not only do “good fences make good neighbors,” but they’re also a great, yet underutilized, marketing space. Banners can be used at ballparks, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more. Be sure to check local campaign laws regarding campaigning proximity to polling places.

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Banner Stands

Easily set up banner stand displays at campaign events, trade shows, county fairs and other community activities. These products are available in many sizes and configurations. They will certainly help you stand out from the crowd with your political aspirations.

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"Vote" Election Banner Stand
Mesh Election Banner

Mesh Banners

Wind-friendly banners are super for outdoor rallies! This high quality vinyl material can be used for Presidential elections, or outdoor voting reminders on Election Day! It has an airflow ratio of 70% / 30%, so you can totally blow through the competition, no problem (or pun intended).

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A-Frame Signs

Coroplast signs are perhaps the most versatile product that we offer for your campaign sign needs. Place them indoors and outdoors, on sidewalks, street corners, at rallies and community functions. They are maintenance free, waterproof and you can easily swap out your messaging!

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Election Polling Station A-Frame Sign
Magnetic Election Sign

Magnetic Signs

Talk about a mobile campaign solution! Full color, eye catching magnets can be used to advertise your causes all around the community. Slap these cost-effective marketing tools right onto your car door. Let’s face it, campaigns are downright expensive, so order your mobile signs today!

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Feather Flags

Feel free to fly feather flags on frontage roads, at rallies or delegate events. Printed in full color, available single or single-reverse (two sided), these stylish signage options are sure to gain attention — and perhaps extra votes.

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Step and Repeat Election Sign

Step and Repeat Banners

These products make marvelous backdrops for photo ops or subliminal messaging and reinforcement. Choose from 5 premium material options. Boost your political campaign visibility with these easy to use, and store banner display products.

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Business Cards

Small, yet influential, your political calling card is easy to get into purses and pockets! You can also order them in bulk for a discount. This is a standard size business card of 2” x 3.5” that is printed on durable paper. Be professional using your own design, and don’t forget to add your contact info!

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Campaign Business Cards

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Top 5 Yard Sign Display Tips and Tricks

Unlock your election campaign's potential with's premium yard signs! Crafted from durable 4mm coroplast, our signs endure the elements for effective outdoor advertising. Place them strategically in high-traffic areas, comply with local regulations, and rotate locations for fresh impact. Whether for political campaigns, local elections, or community alerts, our signs deliver standout communication that gets noticed. Let's create signs that help you win the votes you need!

How To Design Your Own Sidewalk Sign

Design impactful sidewalk signs for your election campaign by understanding your voters, keeping messages concise, and ensuring regular updates. Use positive language and simple graphics that align with your candidate's brand. Be mindful of local regulations to avoid penalties. offers custom design templates with high-quality printing for all your political sidewalk signage needs.

Common Vinyl Banner Sizes

Optimize your election campaign's visibility with's selection of common vinyl banner sizes, ideal for outdoor election signs. Choose from sizes ranging from 2'x4' to massive 5'x30', or even customize up to 16'x50'. Our banners are designed for easy hanging and offer extra durability options. Start designing your attention-grabbing election banner today and make your candidate stand out!

The Most Common Banner Stand Assemblies

Discover the convenience of showcasing your candidate's message outdoors with's versatile banner stands, perfect for election events! Whether you prefer the swift setup of retractable stands or the adaptability of X-Frame stands, each comes with a convenient carrying case and all necessary hardware. These stands ensure your election signs effortlessly capture voters' attention. Explore our guide for simple assembly instructions and make your campaign events a success!

How to Make a Custom Decal?

Elevate your campaign with custom decals from, in partnership with! Our user-friendly online designer offers personalized decals, stickers, labels, and magnets for your election needs. Whether you're a design pro using Photoshop or Illustrator or prefer the simplicity of Canva, we've got you covered. Need expert assistance? Our professional graphic designers are ready to bring your campaign's vision to life. Start creating at for your political campaign, and leave a lasting impression on voters.


Highlights & Benefits of Election Signs Back to Top

Budget Friendly

Your campaign is probably taxing your bank account. We can help out! Our wide and versatile variety of signage options will allow you to configure which products work best for your time and money.

Full color

Our high quality signage product line is printed in full color. Your election signs, and your smiling face, and messaging will all look crisp — and stunning. Feel free to add your custom logos and clip art, at no extra charge.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether the election rally is being held in a gymnasium, or on the lawn, we have a sign for each case. Yard signs, banners, magnets, a-frame signs, they can all be used inside and outside! You can also use them in tandem, or on their own.

Heightened Visibility

You could have the best speech writer in the world, but if nobody sees your messaging on an oversized banner, or yard sign on the corner, what does it matter? You want to be elected, so get yourself out there on all types of custom signage!

Frequently Asked Questions Return to Top

What are the best options for outdoor use?

While we do not recommend leaving business cards in the rain, except for that, all of our other products can be utilized indoors and outdoors, and are very weather-resistant.

What are my shipping options?

We offer 5 different shipping options:

  • Economy (5–15 Business Days)
  • Standard (3–5 Business Days)
  • Three Day (3 Business Days)
  • Two Day (2 Business Days)
  • Overnight (1 Business Day)

Can I get assistance with my design?

Of course you can. Our friendly and professional customer service department is happy to assist you with your designs! Contact them directly or choose “work with a designer” from the design methods options.

Can I order a blank yard sign?

Yes, you can! When ordering, simply do not upload a design, or add any clip art to the sign. Then place your order!

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