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How To Save Banner Designs For Later

Step-By-Step Instructions To Save Your Designs For Later Using The Template Editor

Sometimes you're just too busy to go all the way through the ordering process, or you have multiple designs that you are working on at once and you don't have time to finish everything in one sitting. We get it! That's why we've made it easy for you to save your designs for later. Make sure you have created a account and are logged in.


Go to the product page

We will be using Full Color Vinyl Banners in this example. You will need to select your banner's height and width from the drop-down menu. You will then select the quantity of banners you will need (of the same artwork file). You will then select the banner add-ons.


Choose Banner Design Method

Only the "Pick a Template" method and the "Upload a File" method will take you into the online designer where you will have the option to save your banner for later.

Choose Banner Design Method: Pick a Template or Upload a File


Picking a Template

You can either browse our template library and find a banner you want to customize or click on a blank template to get into the designer.


Upload a File

Click on the "Upload a File" button. A popup window will appear where you will upload your file. Once your file has been uploaded, you will be taken to the designer.


Online Designer

Once you are in the online designer, you can add text, add clip art, upload images and add backgrounds. 

View of the Online Designer


Save Banner Design for Later

When you are ready, click on the "Save for Later" button located at the bottom of the online designer.

Save for Later Button



Accessing Your Saved Designs

If you want to edit your designs or order your designs, you will need to go into your account. If you are logged into your account, there will be a link at the top of the header that says "My Account" for you to click. 

My Account Button


There will be a sidebar on the left with all of your account information. To view your saved designs, click on the "Saved Designs" link.

All of the designs you have saved will show up. If you click on one of the designs it will take you back into the online designer to make any changes to the design. Once you are done and ready to order, click on the "Accept Design" button. You will then begin the checkout process. You will see the product options page, the shopping cart page, and then the billing and shipping page.

Click on "Saved Designs"


To get started, go to our Full Color Vinyl Banners page.


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